igus’ dryspin technology offers more efficiency and less noise

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igus’ dryspin technology offers more efficiency and less noisedryspin is the latest drive technology from igus. Thanks to their dryspin asymmetric geometry, igus’ leadscrew-drives offer extended lifetime, higher efficiency and lower noise and are thus suitable for a variety of applications, from laboratory automation to medical equipment.

Built with state-of-the-art lead screw nut material, iglidur J, igus’ drylin leadscrew-drives are self-lubricating and maintenance free, as well as being lightweight and resistant to dirt, chemicals and humidity.

Amongst the most innovative features of igus’ drylin spindle-drive is its optimised thread angle for longer life and enhanced efficiency; with obtuse angles – in place of the acute angles to be found in standard symmetrical spindle-drives – dryspin requires less transverse force. In addition, dryspin’s round teeth design lowers noise levels and reduces vibration. To meet the needs of engineers and designers, drylin spindle-drives are always delivered to the customer in less than three days.

To find out more about the features of drylin spindle-drives, please watch this video:

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