ATM servo presses pack an energy efficient punch

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ATM Automation has developed a range of servo-operated punch presses that deliver smooth, quiet and precisely controlled punching operations.

The range of trim and technology options now offered by many automotive manufacturers means that a growing number of moulded components, such as bumpers and interior trim, require additional processing to allow the fitment of parking sensors or vents etc.

Historically, these additional apertures have often been produced using hydraulically operated punch presses. Whilst this technology is practical, users are becoming increasingly mindful of both the energy consumption associated with this traditional approach and also the need to have the flexibility to accommodate any future changes required by their customers.

Further benefits of the energy efficient servo-operated punch press technology include the ability to program high approach speeds, together with precision punch strokes, resulting in faster cycle times, smooth clean cuts and much reduced stresses on the component being processed.

Additional features, including part sensing, can be specified and the systems can be ordered as either a single or twin press unit, with individual control for each of the two presses. The dual press configuration would allow the production of a LH and RH version of the same component, or indeed the production of two different components within the same system if required.

ATM’s servo press systems are PLC controlled and an intuitive HMI unit and fully integrated light guard allow easy and safe operation. The inherent flexibility and low running costs associated with ATM’s servo presses has seen a growing demand for these systems for use in the production and processing of a wide range of automotive interior and exterior trim components.

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