Compact robot has 'class-leading speed and reach'

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Compact robot has 'class-leading speed and reach'ATM is introducing the compact MZ07 robot that has a footprint equivalent to an A4 piece of paper, yet the company claims the new robot delivers the highest speed and longest reach within the 5–7kg payload class.

The MZ07 completes the standard cycle time test of up/down 25mm over a distance of 300mm while carrying a payload of 1kg in just 0.31 seconds. Horizontal reach from the standard length arm is 723mm, and the long-arm version provides 912mm reach, which is an impressive work envelope for such a small robot with a maximum payload of 7kg.

This MZ07 robot also has many other features, including smart cable routing through a hollow wrist to keep cables and pneumatic lines safe from interference and damage when operating in confined spaces. A range of seven standard gripper types, including parallel action and three-finger variants, is available to further reduce the time required for specifying, installing and commissioning the robot.

The compact robot arm is matched by an equally compact controller that is just 369x490x173mm high. This controller can be mounted either in a horizontal or vertical orientation as required. If the robot is mounted on a plinth, the small controller can even be located within the plinth to save even more space. The robot arm can also be installed in a variety of orientations including floor, inverted, wall or angled mounting, offering excellent versatility for different applications.

This high-performance robot, which is protected to IP67, is suitable for a wide range of applications such as machine tending, handling, assembly, de-burring, sealing and machine vision inspection. ATM has already installed a number of MZ07 robots within the company's new flexible packaging systems.

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