Direct-drive actuator for turntable or pick-&-place applications

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Direct-drive actuator for turntable or pick-&-place applicationsBibus (UK) Ltd is introducing the CKD Absodex direct-drive rotary actuators. These new-generation multi-function units eliminate the need for gears and other transmission mechanisms, providing very high torque at low and high speeds, as well as high-precision rotary motion and indexing. They are equally suitable for use as turntables, reciprocating pick-and-place mechanisms, and other rotary applications where precisely controlled rotary motion is required.

Absodex units use servo technology and absolute position sensing to achieve rapid acceleration and deceleration, and there is no need for a 'homing' routine at power-up. Users can select from four electronic cam profiles when programming the driver, including modified sine, modified trapezoidal and deforming constant velocity. Furthermore, the units have been designed to achieve high axial and moment rigidity, and they are protected to IP65 is standard.

A choice of footprints and heights results in a wide selection of rated torques from 6 to 500Nm and speeds from 140 to 300rpm. Options include hollow shafts, pneumatic brakes to clamp the shaft and increase rigidity between movements, and a handheld terminal for programming and monitoring the drives. Actuator body sizes range from 110mm to 282mm diameter and approximately 200mm to 285mm square.

To ease integration with machine control systems, the Absodex drivers are compatible with CC-Link and DeviceNet protocols.

Follow the link for more information about the Absodex direct-drive rotary actuators and to download a 94-page detailed technical brochure.

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