FDA-approved gasket rings for consistent food hygiene

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FDA-approved gasket rings for consistent food hygieneHBM is now able to supply a selection of gasket rings, such as O-rings, made of NBR gasket material that meet the highest hygiene requirements to complement its PW27 platform load cell. The gaskets have excellent cold flexibility and very good resistance against contamination by grease and oil.

In addition HBM also supplies EPDM gaskets that can be used under high application and cleaning temperatures and where acids or alkalis are used for cleaning. The heads of fastening screws can also be protected against potential contamination with gaskets designed with an external sealing bead made of EPDM elastomer.

HBM’s PW27 is described as the world’s first platform load cell supplied with an EHEDG certificate that acknowledges its ability to provide optimal hygiene safety in the food sector with high weighing accuracy.

The complete range of HBM’s gasket rings are FDA-approved, making them optimal installation aids for weighing tasks with where hygienic considerations are at the forefront of operations. For further details please go to

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