ESX-Micro – the compact electronic controller

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ESX-Micro – the compact electronic controllerFrom electric vehicles to buses and coaches to submarines, the versatile ESX-Micro is the electronic controller that can be effectively employed in all industries. Benefitting from its compact size, the ESX-Micro is very widely used in many applications that are restricted on the space available to house their control hardware. Despite its size, the Micro provides an excellent control option, with an impressive array of features and technical capabilities.

A reliable, freely programmable, compact electronic controller, the ESX-Micro is suitable for vehicles and mobile machines that have an integrated CAN-bus network. The primary function of the product is to act either as the master controller in a system or as an analogue slave module. Due to its high accuracy and robustness, the ESX-Micro controller has allowed off-highway and mobile machinery to remain operational for much longer periods, without needless, costly interruptions and increased downtime due to hardware faults.

The ESX-Micro is very precise and equipped with a number of key features. The Micro contains a 16 bit processor, a CAN interface and up to 10 freely programmable digital or analogue inputs and outputs. For memory considerations, there are 512kB of SRAM and 256kB Flash inbuilt.

If desired, an RS232 interface or a second CAN interface can be requested. Another option that can be provided is for a motor bridge to be incorporated into the unit, to cater for further automotive and industrial applications. The standard 4 × 3 Amp diagnosable PWM outputs can be increased to 4 × 4 Amp (each output is short-circuit protected).

With its die-cast aluminium housing, the ESX-Micro is very light and durable. The ESX-Micro possesses a protection rating of IP65 as standard, with a higher IP67 rating available as an optional extra. The controller can operate at temperatures between -40degC to +85degC.

The product adheres to the EMC environmental standards as found in the agricultural, automotive and construction industries. Other typical applications for the Micro include off-road vehicles, and agricultural and construction machines. To learn more about the ESX-Micro compact electronic controller, please visit

16 May 2014

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbHvisit website
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