ESX-C2C – the advanced remote data-logger

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ESX-C2C – the advanced remote data-loggerSome mobile machines and vehicles operate in harsh and unremittingenvironments, and it is crucial that the hardware employed to monitor them can contend with this. The ESX-C2C data-logger from Sensor-Technik has been specially designed to monitor those vehicles and machines that are routinely subjected to the demanding nature of extreme locations. With its die-cast aluminium housing, the ESX-C2C is a light yet very robust data-logger that captures and records important operating data from machines and vehicles and relays the information via GSM to a remote computer for analysis.

A number of services are available via specific hardware and software packages for the C2C. These services can be offered without the requirement for any additional programming and include tele-diagnosis, automatic monitoring of work flows, navigation tasks and machine performance management. A worldwide remote monitoring system is achievable with the inclusion of the Quad band modem option. The integrity and safety of the vehicle network is guaranteed through individual access rights granted to machine users, servicing team and machine manufacturers. Remote software updates of the vehicle control systems can also be applied when necessary.

The main features of the ESX-C2C are: a 16 bit processor, 2 full CAN interfaces, 2 × RS232 serial interfaces and various combinations comprising of up to five freely programmable, digital/analogue inputs and outputs. There are also 512kB of SRAM and 4kB EEPROM available. For flash memory, 1MB is dedicated to software applications and a further 1MB reserved for data memory.

Regarding optional features, a number of elements can be added, including GSM (Q-band/GPRS/EDGE compatible), Bluetooth (class 2), GPS and a RTC function that includes a wake-up facility. There are two diagnosable PWM outputs, where each output is short circuit protected.

The ESX-C2C possesses a general chassic protection rating of IP65 and has a high moisture protection, and a breathing filter for pressure equilisation. The module can operate at temperatures of between -40deg C to +85degC, although this range is narrowed a little if the Bluetooth or GSM options are selected. The product adheres to the EMC environmental standards as found in the agricultural, automotive and construction industries. Other typical applications for the ESX-C2C include municipal trucks and general industrial machines and vehicles.

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20 May 2014

Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbHvisit website
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