Y-Lock pullforce board-to-cable system in a new design

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Yamaichi Electronics is expanding the Y-Lock series with a new generation – with a new design and improved features. The Y-Lock brand has been a well-known product for board-to-cable connections since 2008. A winner of the Design Innovation Award 2010 from the Italian electronics magazine “se – selezione di elettronica”, the Y-Lock series generation 1 has proved very successful in a wide variety of applications over the past few years, for example in the automotive sector.

The non-ZIF-based connector system is especially outstanding for its locking system, which works without opening or closing a flap or drawer and without actuating an unlocking mechanism. In the current generation 1, the interlock is provided with a ratchet hook on the housing of the connector, which engages behind the supporting tape of the FFC/FPC. Both contacting and removal of the FFC are very simple using a defined pull-out force. The new Y-Lock Generation 2 retains all the positive features of Generation 1, but also offers some interesting new features.

In Generation 2, an additional plastic stiffener has been added that is mechanically assembled with the FFC. The stiffener then engages with the connector. This new system makes guiding the FFC and inserting the FFC into the connector more convenient. The pull-out force for the FFC has also been increased from about 10N to about 25N.

Another advantage of the Y-Lock series is the security of the contact coverage between FFC pads and connector. The contact coverage is provided by the FFC guide rails in the connector. The new generation facilitates even more the FFC guiding by the stiffener which positions the FFC. That makes it simply impossible for the FFC to be crooked, which is always a possibility when using ZIF connectors. That means there is no danger of a lack of contact coverage.

The Y-Lock concept is particularly suitable for space-critical installation situations, permitting secure connections even in the absence of visual contact – whether you are using manual or automated insertion.

Both generations were specifically designed for the needs of applications subject to increased requirements, such as automotive or industrial applications. For example, increased load capacity in terms of both vibration and shock and harsh climatic requirements over a temperature range of -40degC to +105degC were considered. Qualification was therefore based on the demanding LV 214 automobile standard.

The first available version of the new Generation 2 of the Y-Lock Pullforce will be the 50-pin variant with a pitch of 0.5mm and a connector orientation of 180 degrees. Other versions are planned, or are available upon request. This will allow practical expansion of the already wide range of versions in Generation 1. Generation 1 is available in pitches of 0.5 and 1.0mm as well as with 12 to 30 contact pins in 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

Of course, Yamaichi Electronics offers matching FFCs for both generations, with or without additional stiffeners. Samples of all versions of the Y-Lock series, including FFCs, are available upon request. Please visit for further details.

04 June 2014

Yamaichi Electronics Deutschlandvisit website
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