Electronic motor starter with SmartWire-DT

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Eaton is now offering its multi-functional electronic motor starter (EMS) with ratings from 0.06 to 3kW with integrated control via its innovative SmartWire-DT communication and connection technology. This makes the connection of the motor starter to the automation environment easier, faster, less prone to errors and therefore more cost effective. The EMS offers users in industrial and machine building applications all the important functions of a reversing contactor circuit in a single device – and this with a mounting width of only 30mm.

Thanks to the SmartWire-DT connection the wiring is kept to a minimum. Both the control cables that normally connect the motor starter via the I/O level to the PLC, and the supply cables to the devices are no longer necessary and are replaced by Eaton’s green cable. Even the I/O level itself is unnecessary as the motor starters can communicate with the Eaton PLCs directly via SmartWire-DT. Users are thus able to optimise the number of components in the system as well as the installation requirements.

As the electronic motor starter itself already comes with a large number of functions (emergency stop contactor, motor protection, clockwise and anticlockwise contactor) as well as the internal load and interlock circuits in a very compact design, valuable space in the switch cabinet as well as time and effort for the installation and commissioning can be saved.

The EMS is equipped with hybrid switching technology for controlling the motor. This is based on the microprocessor controlled combination of wear-free semiconductor technology and a robust relay contact, thus enabling low-wear switching. The lifespan of the devices is therefore 10 times longer than purely mechanical components, and with 30 million switch operations the devices offer a considerably longer contact life than conventional switching devices.

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