2- and 3-way general purpose latching solenoid valves

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Gems Sensors & Controls is reintroducing its BL Series of general purpose latching solenoid valves. The Gems BL Series is designed to support demanding fluid control requirements, such as those common to natural gas separation, natural gas plunger lifts, gas chromatography equipment, irrigation systems, pneumatic pipelines, and others.

Offered with choice of either 2-way or 3-way design, the BL Series allows a user to pulse the valve itself. This facilitates its change of state into a closed or open position, depending upon requirement, with fast response times. The series does not require continuous voltage in order to hold its designated state. The term ‘latching’ solenoid valve refers to the Gems BL Series in its open state condition, during which supply pressure goes to the external valve. The ‘unlatched’ solenoid valve refers to its closed state condition, during which supply pressure is cut off and the external valve is exhausted to ambient.

The Gems BL Series is suitable for larger pneumatic valve control applications, particularly those with external power source limitations; undesirable coil heating; or where the temperature of flowing media must remain unaffected as it travels through a valve. Customers who incorporate the BL Series into larger pneumatic valve applications can further enhance the opening and closing functionality of larger pipes. Optional dual diode system protection is also available.

As a standard catalogue product, the Gems BL Series is available for immediate customer order. Full-scale OEM volume manufacturing of standard models can usually proceed within just a few business days.

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