SLA25: precision linear slide with cross-roller guide

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SMAC is introducing the new SLA25 series of linear slide actuators, designed for precision movement applications such as scanning found in the semiconductor, electronic and biotech industries. A very light moving mass results in high accelerations with no backlash. The SLA incorporates precision cross-roller guides with anti-creep protection for increased stiffness and lower friction. The moving coil drive is centred between cross Rollers thus eliminating moment effects from the drive. The SLA is available with encoder resolution down to 50 nm.

The SLA25 is the first model in the series. The SLA25 has 40×60×25mm profile and stroke length of 10mm and is available now. In common with all SMAC actuators it is fully programmable, permitting the user to exert complete control over force, acceleration and velocity. This makes it suitable for implementation in industries where SMAC’s patented ‘Soft-Land’ procedure allows the actuator to both measure and manipulates very delicate and high-value components with ease.

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23 June 2014

SMAC Moving Coil Actuatorsvisit website
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