Posired Advanced reduces footprint of conveyor drive systems

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Brevini Power Transmission is launching its new Posired Advanced series of three-stage bevel-helical gearboxes. The range has been designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of bulk handling applications, specifically in the mining and quarrying industries, and offers improved thermal capacity and excellent mechanical performance to maximise both reliability and efficiency.

The Posired Advanced has been designed with the specific goal of creating a range of gearboxes for use in conveyor applications, which offer reduced costs without compromising on reliability and safety.

Thanks to a modular thermal system, which improves thermal capacity, and maximising mechanical efficiency, engineers are able to specify smaller gearboxes than would usually be required in any given application. Specifying a small size reduces the initial purchase price, while the improved efficiency reduces running costs and maintenance; meaning that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is lower than competitor options for the same application.

Based on Brevini’s tried and tested Posired 2 bevel helical gearboxes, the Posired Advanced offers improved efficiencies and higher torques thanks to outstanding mechanical performance. A sophisticated lubrication system with a mechanical oil pump improves bearing life and results in up to 15,000 hours of operation between oil changes. The gear teeth are also optimised to provide high torques with less power dissipation, which keeps wear to a minimum.

Throughout the design, cooling is given a given a priority. An axial cooling fan produces a high flow rate, while the cover plates feature active cooling fins on both sides and the top housing. The air cooling is even further enhanced thanks to a swing base with air conduction which increases airflow along the underside of the gearbox sump. The designed in mechanical efficiencies also contribute to cooling, the optimised gear teeth and contactless seals, for example, both increase thermal capacity.

The Posired Advanced gear units are available in sizes 31 to 85 with ratios of 18 to 112 (lower ratios available on request), meaning a maximum torque output of 940,000Nm is possible. Accessories and options are available from the standard Posired 2 range, including back stops, external cooling systems, heating systems and double extended shafts.

For end-users who already operate Brevini PIV conveyor drives, Brevini is able retro-fit the improvements of the Posired Advanced series onto existing gearboxes. To learn more about the range, and how it can reduce running costs in your application, contact a member of the Brevini Sales Team or go to the website at

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