Lattice MachXO3 FPGAs with very high density I/O from Mouser

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Lattice MachXO3 FPGAs with very high density I/O from MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the MachXO3 Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) from Lattice Semiconductor. The MachXO3 uses a new packaging technology that eliminates bond wires, both increasing performance while reducing cost. This innovative packaging approach results in increased gate and input/output (I/O) density while maintaining a small board footprint. The MachXO3 FPGAs are designed on a 65nm non-volatile low power process technology and operate as fast as 150MHz.

The new Lattice Semiconductor MachXO3 Field Programmable Gate Arrays boast a very high gate density not usually found in programmable logic. These FPGAs feature low power consumption with almost instant-on activity after power-up. Densities in this FPGA family range from 640 to 6900 Look-Up Tables (LUTs). In addition to LUT-based low-cost programmable logic these devices also feature embedded block RAM (EBR) and distributed RAM. Internal phase locked loops (PLLs) reduce component count.

Advanced configuration support includes dual-boot capability and hardware versions of commonly used embedded blocks such as an SPI interface, two I2C interfaces, and a timer/counter. These features allow developers to quickly configure these devices for their applications without having to configure the FPGA for these commonly used logic blocks.

Enhanced flexibility in the I/O include drive strength control for driving external loads, slew rate control to compensate against high frequency oscillations, PCI bus compatibility, internal pull-up and pull-down resistors on the I/O pins, and open drain outputs for driving loads.

The MachXO3 is flexible enough to be used across many market segments including consumer, communications, data storage, industrial applications, and automotive applications.

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