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Molex IllumiMate LCD connector systems available from MouserMouser Electronics, Inc. is now shipping the new IllumiMate 1.00mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector System and the IllumiMate 1.25 Wire-to-Board Connector System from Molex. This ultra-narrow connector system was created to meet the demands of thinner LCD screen designs by saving more PC board space compared with existing connectors. These IllumiMate microminiature wire-to-board systems offer the smallest size and widest variety of low-power options and mating configurations of any similar system for applications such as LED TVs and PC monitors.

The Molex IllumiMate 1.00mm Connector System saves about 50 per cent of space compared with Molex IllumiMate 1.25 Connectors in order to meet the demands of thinner LCD screen designs. Molex Illumimate 1.00mm Connectors also offer lower voltage options than the IllumiMate 1.25 range to help achieve lower power consumption. Both IllumiMate Connectors feature positive and friction locks for secure latching action, guide ribs to facilitate easier mating and prevent housing movement, front solder tabs for strong PCB retention, and a dual-contact terminal design for electrical contact assurance.

This combination of small size and various circuit size and voltage options provides space-saving advantages, together with a single footprint design for target systems that may require variations in features for different product models.

These Molex wire-to-board connectors are suitable for a variety of applications, for example consumer electronics such as LED TVs and mobile games; computer systems such as desktop LED monitors, notebooks, and tablets; and medical applications such as diagnostic tools and radiology equipment.

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