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Microchip Bluetooth starter kit available from MouserMouser Electronics is stocking the DM320018 PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit from Microchip Technology. The DM320018 is a low-cost Bluetooth development platform based on the 32-bit Microchip PIC32MX270F256D microcontroller. This easy to use starter kit features a Bluetooth HCI module, single-chip 3-axis accelerometer and temperature sensor, high output multi-color LED, and two USB connectors.

The Microchip M320018 PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit provides everything needed for building a low-power Bluetooth project. The kit includes a dual-mode Bluetooth HCI module that supports Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 BLE. Common Bluetooth profiles are supported including HS/HF, A2DP, AVRCP, OPP, DUN, and SPP. The starter kit supports Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and can transmit at up to 3Mbits/sec. A USB Type-A connector interfaces to a host computer for programming and debug support. A USB mini-B connector can also be used for debugging the development board. The kit includes all schematics and a complete Bill of Materials (BOM).

Five on-board push buttons can be user-programmed to provide application functions. A Microchip PIC24 microcontroller provides dedicated support for USB interfacing and on-board debugging. A single-chip 3-axis accelerometer with temperature sensor can be read by the PIC32 microcontroller and the data sent to a Bluetooth connected smartphone.

This starter kit includes demonstration code and examples for enabling SPP full-duplex data transmission that allows the starter kit to interface with many Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smart phones and tablet PCs. The starter kit provides interfaces for full debug and programming capabilities and can be powered by either USB port. Optionally, the starter kit board may be coupled with an expansion daughter board by a header interface connector. The kit comes pre-programmed with Bluetooth SPP full-duplex data transmission demo firmware.

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