TI MSP430BT5190 mixed signal MCUs with Bluetooth stack

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TI MSP430BT5190 mixed signal MCUs with Bluetooth stack Mouser Electronics is now stocking the MSP430BT5190 Mixed Signal Microcontrollers from Texas Instruments (TI). This low-power 25MHz microcontroller has a high performance 12-bit analog to digital converter (ADC) and is designed to be used with the TI CC256x Bluetooth 4.0 Controller. A hardware 32×32 multiplier is available for math-intensive operations. With 256KBytes of Flash, 16KBytes of SRAM, and a preprogrammed Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR stack, this low power microcontroller targets Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The TI MSP430BT5190 Mixed Signal Microcontrollers is part of the TI MSP430 ultra-low power 16-bit RISC microcontroller series. With an active mode current of just 230uA/MHz and drawing only 0.1uA in its lowest power mode, the MSP430 microcontroller family targets ultra-low power systems where battery life must be extended as long as 20 years.

This microcontroller is configured with three 16-bit timers, a high performance 12-bit ADC, a low-dropout regulator, a 3-channel DMA, and a unified clock control system. The microcontroller also has four Universal Serial Communications Interfaces (USCI), each of which are capable of supporting UART, IrDA encoder/decoder, I2C, and SPI serial protocols.

The MSP430BT5190 microcontroller is designed to interface with TI’s CC256x based Bluetooth controllers and comes preprogrammed in Flash with a licensed copy of the Mindtree Ethermind Bluetooth stack and Serial Port Profile (SPP). SPP emulates an RS-232 serial cable, targeting applications that require replacing a cable with a wireless serial link, such as electronics thermostats, smart meters, pulse oximeters, instrumentation, and more.

Development is supported by the TI eZ430-RF256x Bluetooth Evaluation Kit, also available from Mouser Electronics. This development tool is packaged in a convenient USB stick that can be easily used to programme and debug application code.

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