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In its new PE5 series of pressure sensors, AVENTICS combines the advantages of flexible electronics with multiple measurement processes and connection options, simple handling, and extreme durability.

In the new sensors, a piezo-resistive pressure sensor precisely measures the relative pressure, vacuum, and overpressure. With its new zero point offset function, the pressure sensor can be reset back to normal pressure at any time. This improves the measurement and therefore switching. Intuitive navigation in accordance with VDMA makes it easy for users to program pressure units, resetting points, hysteresis, and window functions. This flexibility opens up additional standardisation options for machine manufacturers.

The sensor with a switching time of 5 milliseconds is optionally equipped with two digital or one digital and one analogue output or, starting in late 2014, with a connection for the IO-Link. The digitally adjustable outputs support both PNP and NPN, as well as push-pull. With this process, the measurement signal is more resistant to interference. In addition, the pressure sensor has hysteresis and window modes, as well as NC/NO functions. The analogue outputs can easily be switched between current and voltage. The connection via IO-Link provides additional parameterisation and diagnosis options, mirroring a trend in modern automation concepts.

PE5 series electronic pressure sensors are especially user-friendly. The numbers on the back-lit LCD display are 10mm large and very easy to read. The colour of the display changes from green to red, quickly indicating a deviation from the set pressure value or problems with the power supply, as well as other error messages.

The series covers five pressure ranges between -1 and 12bar and is also suitable for decentralised installation in harsh environments. The new series meets protection classes IP65 and IP67. AVENTICS manufactures the housing front from a single tool and the cover and housing are bolted. The PE5 series is free of paint-wetting impairment substances and can therefore also be used in painting applications.

Assembly options are just as flexible as the series’ functions. The pressure sensors can be assembled on DIN hat rails or FRLs, as well as in a control panel or on a wall.

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16 October 2014

AVENTICS (part of Emerson Automation Solutions)visit website
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