Analogue Devices AD9135/6 2.8Gsps DACs available from Mouser

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Analogue Devices AD9135/6 2.8Gsps DACs available from MouserMouser Electronics is now shipping the AD9135 and AD9136 digital to analogue converters (DACs) from Analog Devices. The AD9135 is an 11-bit DAC, while the AD9136 is a 16-bit DAC. These devices boast a high dynamic range and a fast sampling rate of 2.8 Giga-samples per second (Gsps).

The AD9135 and AD9136 DACs are high-speed, high dynamic range dual DACs which permit multicarrier signal generation up to the desired Nyquist frequency. These Analog Devices high speed data converters specifically target wideband communications systems, automated test equipment, and high speed instrumentation.

A high-performance, low-noise phase lock loop (PLL) is on-chip to reduce component count. These DACs are designed for low power applications and draw 1.42Watts when converting at 1.6Gsps. An advanced low spurious and distortion design provides high-quality generation of wideband signals, from the baseband up to high frequencies.

These DACs are designed to easily connect with the Analog Devices’ ADRF6720 and ADRF670x analogue quadrature modulators (AQMs). Interfacing to these DACs is provided by an industry standard SPI interface. This interface allows configuration of many of the device options, including internal reset, configuring the internal FIFO, selecting power down modes, setting interrupts, configuring the internal reference clock, configuring the internal PLL, and reading the internal device temperature.

Each DAC input channel also contains an 11/16-bit wide, 8-word deep FIFO. This FIFO acts as a buffer between the digital input data and the clocked analogue output, allowing an asynchronous relationship between the input digital data and the output analogue signal.

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