High-pressure flow restrictors for critical applications

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High-pressure flow restrictors for critical applicationsLee Products has added a robust, high-pressure option to its range of JEVA restrictors that is rated to handle system pressures up to 5000 psi. The new Lee 5k JEVA offers exceptional corrosion resistance and performance in demanding, harsh situations and critical applications, such as those occurring in oil tool industry, aviation and aerospace applications.

Lee Company restrictors have become the accepted ‘standard’ worldwide, where engineers and designers appreciate their ultra-compact size, light weight and proven reliability and the 5K JEVA is no exception.

Constructed entirely from 316L stainless steel and MP35N and weighing just 1.8g, the 5K JEVA restrictor utilises technology which is similar to Lee’s traditional Visco Jet restrictor in that it offers a reasonable degree of viscosity compensation without the use of any moving parts. In addition, the metering element includes many orifices in series to lower fluid velocities and therefore reduce the possibility of cavitation.

This multi-orifice restrictor also offers up to a 280 per cent increase in minimum passage size over a comparable single orifice restrictor and therefore a higher tolerance to contamination. It is available in 93 different Lohm rates, ranging from 3520 up to 313,000 and is protected by two integral safety screens for bi-directional flow capability.

Each 5K JEVA restrictor is 100 per cent flow tested for accurate, consistent performance to ensure optimum performance in the most demanding applications.

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