Bosch Rexroth launches intelligent, cordless tightening tools

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Bosch Rexroth launches intelligent, cordless tightening toolsBosch Rexroth is launching its new cordless tightening tool, the Nexo Cordless Nutrunner, which has been specifically designed for bolt tightening in ‘Category A’ safety critical applications.

The new Nexo Cordless Nutrunner combines wireless capabilites with state-of-the-art tightening technology, a combination which has the potential to improve efficiency, cycle-times and data collection during the manufacturing process.

In operation, during each work step the integrated controller monitors the tightening and transmits the results over a wireless connection to a receiving station. Process reliability is guaranteed even in radio dead spots by the tool’s ability to buffer the data and then transmit as soon as connection with the network has been re-established. The new tool’s key USP is that no external controls are required during operation, as all necessary workings are integrated. In addition, the tool offers browser-based software which is available online and is easy to set-up with minimum training time required and with no additional software installation. Access to the browser-based software is independent of the operating system or terminal device.

Both power and control technologies are fully integrated into the new tool. Batteries for the new Nexo Cordless Nutrunner can be exchanged during production with no time loss resulting from rebooting due to the 20 second stay-alive function. During the exchange of the battery pack, the integrated controller is powered by the lithium iron capacitor, enabling the tool to maintain communication during the exchange.

Bosch Rexroth’s Nutrunner has direct availability of information via the impact-resistant graphics display and also enables quick access to stored information via the MicroUSB interface. The Nutrunner can also be connected to any control system with Ethernet connectivity.

The Nexo Cordless Nutrunner forms part of Bosch Rexroth’s total range of tools and is available in both a right angle and pistol grip, which ensures accurate bolt tightening in even the most difficult-to-reach applications. The right angle Nutrunner is available in three different versions with a working range varying between 3-50Nm. The pistol grip Nutrunner is available in two versions with a working range between 1.8-12Nm.

This tool is also equipped with a 36 volt slide-in battery pack, charger, suspension device, slide-in Accu Package, tool shelf and auxiliary handle. Further details on the Nexo Cordless Nutrunner from Bosch Rexroth can be found at

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