Cool running with super-clean stainless steel motors

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Marathon Electric is enhancing its ranges of stainless steel, washdown heavy-duty motors for applications requiring clean or hygienic facilities, such as food processing. Made from top quality stainless steel, the motors are of IEC construction so can be easily swapped with existing cast iron motors, and are protected to IP66. They are designed for exceptional resistance against water penetration, with three layers of defence – a shaft seal, a long ingress path and an internal slinger mechanism.

The outer surface of the motors is clean-lined, to avoid crevices and corners where dirt or grease could collect and thereby compromise cleanliness. The totally enclosed, non-ventilated (TENV) design makes them suitable for hose down and pressure washing, so that plant cleaning is fast, simple and efficient. They are even designed for hot water (80degC) jet washing, a procedure popular with food processors and other operators. The ball bearings are lubricated for life, which reduces maintenance and also helps ensure clean operation.

In terms of energy efficiency, the Marathon stainless steel motor range is fully ErP (energy-related product)-compliant and meets Efficiency Class IE3. This efficient operation is a result of a design that guarantees low electrical losses in operation, which in turn means low heat emissions and compliance with food industry requirements for cool running.

These motors are available in a range of sizes and powers including: 230/400V 50Hz, 460Y 60Hz up to 2.2kW, and 400/690V 50Hz, 460VD 60Hz from 3kW. All sizes are fitted with a conventional six-pin terminal block and are suitable for use with an inverter drive for variable speed operation.

Marathon Electric is part of the worldwide Regal group of motor makers, which has its European headquarters in Eibergen, The Netherlands. To learn more about the stainless steel, washdown heavy-duty motors, go to

26 November 2014

Rotor (UK) Ltd (Regal Beloit)visit website
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