BOGE breathes new life into oil-free piston air compressors

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BOGE breathes new life into oil-free piston air compressorsPiston compressors have been given a fresh face with the new oil-free PO series from BOGE. Compact, energy efficient, durable, low maintenance and highly economical to use, the complete absence of oil in the series guarantees uncontaminated compressed air. The modular format of the compressor range is designed for flexibility. With 28 variants in series, including the option of a twin compressor units, dryers and air receivers, customers can add the appropriate component to suit their application.

The guarantee of oil-free compressed air is essential for a number of sectors and applications, where the provision of compressed air with high purity is a critical factor. Already widely used in medical environments such as hospital scanning labs and dental surgeries, this technology from BOGE will now benefit a multitude of other sectors and industries, including paint, food processing and water treatment.

BOGE’s PO Series is available as both single-stage (10 bar) and two-stage (15 bar). With a slim-line design, the series also provides a smaller footprint saving on space, but without any compromise on functionality or features. The combination of a closed hood with a cooling air inlet together with a surprisingly low piston speed of 3m/sec and optimised air flow over the cylinder keeps vibration levels to a minimum and the temperature of components to a very low level. These factors maximise the product’s operating life while making it more energy efficient. In addition, the air compressor’s performance remains unaffected, whether being intermittently or continuously operated, with no restrictions on frequently switching on and off.

Commenting on the launch of the new PO Series, Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE, says: “Durable, reliable and most importantly, oil-free, the PO Series has been designed specifically to suit the needs of customers that rely on compressed air with maximum purity. The removal of oil, the reduction of noise and temperature and smarter use of cylinder space are all contributing factors to what is a much more energy efficient and economical compressor range than many others currently on the market.”

Available in 28 different varieties, the low-maintenance, long-lasting PO Series from BOGE is an important development in the compressed air market, delivering a big performance from a compact unit. To learn more go to

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