SKF Machine Tool Observer is flexible and cost effective

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SKF is launching the SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx, which offers flexibility by enabling users to connect a range of condition monitoring sensors to one dedicated electronic system that logs all critical parameters. The device offers users a valuable tool that supports preventive maintenance and helps to avoid the ultimate cost of repairing damaged spindles.

Werner Palmetshofer, General Manager SKF Condition Monitoring Centre says: “The SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx helps users to avoid downtime, prevent unexpected spindle defects, log and review spindle crashes and abnormal working conditions and, ultimately, to improve performance and efficiency. We believe that the SKF Machine Tool Observer is the most flexible solution for data logging and spindle crash detection in the market.”

The SKF Machine Tool Observer MTx is a stand-alone on-line monitoring device that actively monitors, records and observes data on the performance of machine tool spindles, grinding machines and other systems. The device supports up to six different types of sensors, enabling users to monitor a range of conditions by allowing up to 14 components, such as temperature sensors, humidity sensors and oil streak sensors, to be connected at the same time, while triaxial or standard industrial accelerometers are used for acquiring vibration signals.

This device will help a wide range of users, including machine tool manufacturers that wish to add value to their machines, spindle repair shops that test repaired spindles and any application that will benefit from an easy-to-use, quick assessment on the machinery status.

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