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Molex EdgeMate power connectors now at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the EdgeMate Power Connectors from Molex. These female edge connectors mate directly to a PC board (PCB) card fingers without a mating header. Molex EdgeMate power connectors offer a positive-lock design for very strong connector-to-PCB retention. A rugged locking mechanism secures to a hole in the PCB, allowing the mated assemblies to withstand high vibration and shock while ensuring electrical reliability.

The Molex EdgeMate Power Connectors can handle 250V and 7A while meeting UL94-V2 flammability requirements. Unlike similar products, Molex EdgeMate power connectors feature a polarised housing that ensures correct orientation with the PCB. Polarised crimp terminals insure an error-free mating process providing accurate terminal orientation and insertion. This connection technology, combined with Molex’s direct-mount, positive-locking mechanism, makes these connectors suited for a variety of high shock and vibration environments.

Molex’s EdgeMate family of connectors include bifurcated (dual contact-point) terminals, providing two current paths for high electrical performance and system reliability. Terminal crimp contacts support 18 to 20 AWG wires. This design not only provides a reliable electrical connection to the PCB, but results in a smaller, lighter and more economical electrical system that reduces component, Bill of Material, and manufacturing costs.

Molex’s EdgeMate Power Connectors are available in reel packaging from Mouser Electronics. Tin-plated base materials include either phosphor bronze which can handle 7A, or brass which can handle 5A. Target applications for these devices include consumer fitness equipment, HVAC equipment, home appliances and home entertainment systems; power supplies and industrial wire-to-device products; and solid-state indoor and outdoor lighting.

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