Cypress’ parallel F-RAM non-volatile memory at Mouser

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Cypress’ parallel F-RAM non-volatile memory at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking Parallel F-RAM Non-Volatile Memory from Cypress Semiconductor. Cypress’ family of Ferroelectric Random Access Memories (F-RAMs) read and write just like conventional SRAM while retaining data when power is removed just like Flash memory. These highly reliable F-RAMs feature a variety of interface and density options, are available in memory sizes ranging up to 4Mbit, and provide data retention for up to 151 years.

The Cypress Parallel F-RAM Non-Volatile Memory can be used as a drop-in replacement for any standard SRAM with the advantage of retaining data when power is removed. F-RAMs are considered one of the industry’s fastest, most energy-efficient nonvolatile memory options available. All F-RAM cells are inherently low power and operate without a charge pump. The Cypress F-RAM memory cells feature a high endurance rate of 100 trillion read/write cycles while maintaining low energy consumption. Cypress F-RAMs are resistant to data corruption from gamma radiation and offer high immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI). Fast write timing combined with high write endurance and NoDelay writes makes Cypress’s F-RAMs superior for non-volatile memory situations.

All products within the Cypress family of F-RAMs are fully RoHS compliant and operate at an industrial temperature rating of -40degC to +85degC. Available memory sizes range from 64kbit to 4Mbit, with supply voltages ranging from 3.3V to 5V. Cypress F-RAMs are suitable for low-power, non-volatile memory applications, including those found in the automotive, industrial, computing, networking, smart meter, and multifunction printer markets.

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