VeriSens sensors with Color FEX now include colour inspection

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Baumer is expanding its VeriSens XC series vision sensor portfolio to include models with colour identification and inspection. Thanks to the new Color FEX assistant, setup is simple and reliable. Available resolutions are VGA and 1.2 megapixel.

Previously the colour space (e.g. RGB) was a real challenge during setup of a colour inspection task. Color FEX is a new, intelligent assistant for intuitive and quick setup of 3D colour identification and definition. Object colours and their shades are automatically identified and visualised in 3D as colour spheres. The resulting absence of sphere collisions ensures reliable colour inspection.

In addition to colour inspection with Color FEX, these new sensor models incorporate the high performance functionality of the XC series such as patented FEX image processor for stable image evaluation at varying light conditions or object colours, integrated flash controller with 48V/4A pulse to power and actuate external illumination and the first configurable web interface. Parameter setting of the VeriSens XC series is simple using the standardised VeriSens Application Suite software.

The new VeriSens models with colour identification allow easy implementation in automation tasks in packaging, pick and pack, assembly monitoring, product encoding and quality assurance. Go to for further information.

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