UR18 and OR18 sensors: robust and compact for flexibility

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With the new UR18 and OR18 sensors, Baumer expands their M18 portfolio by two photoelectric and three ultrasound versions. The new sensors enable cost-effective, reliable use in applications such as level measurement or assembly and handling technology. The uniform, robust housing design in both technologies also means flexibility in planning and installation.

Both the UR18 and the OR18 offer numerous benefits: all versions are equipped with the qTeach teach-in procedure developed by Baumer which guarantees easy, timesaving installation and wear-free operation. Just a touch with any ferromagnetic tool such as a screwdriver on the closed housing is sufficient for sensor teaching. Thanks to all-around LED visibility, a glance at the sensor is enough to determine the operating status.

These compact sensors save space, and thanks to the standardised housing can be designed into the system at an early stage and in a time-saving manner. The absence of moving parts will minimise maintenance costs, while the UR/OR18 housing design ensures absolute impermeability and excellent reliability.

In practice, the new M18 sensors can solve a multitude of detection tasks. The UR18’s ultrasound transducer has a very slender, symmetrical sonic beam angle that even allows the sensor to be installed in narrow container openings to monitor filling levels. In addition, these sensors are suitable for detection of transparent, shiny and multicoloured objects. Thanks to the different sensing principles available, the sensors enable versatile use as proximity switch and distance measuring or retro reflective sensor.

The photoelectric OR18 sensors by Baumer are the first to integrate the SmartReflect principle in an M18 housing. The light barrier does not require a reflector, which not only cuts down on costs but also makes the sensor suitable for environments with heavy soiling, such as the wood industry.

As a second sensor principle, with the OR18.GP Baumer offers true background suppression in a compact housing. Like SmartReflect, this product variant also features the Baumer PinPoint LED. The small, very precise light allows for accurate detection of even very small objects, independent of background, surface finish or shape. The complete Baumer M18 portfolio provides versatility for virtually any application.

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