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Teledyne LeCroy's MAUI advanced user interface technologyMouser Electronics is now featuring technology and products incorporating the MAUI Advanced User Interface from Teledyne LeCroy. The MAUI touch screen interface technology simplifies the user’s oscilloscope experience by stripping away unnecessary analogue buttons and controls, replacing that functionality with a more user-friendly touchscreen. Now, all frequently used controls are managed through a highly-intuitive touchscreen display. With the MAUI interface, key oscilloscope functionality such as triggers, measurements and math functions are more readily accessible, and the display provides the built-in intelligence so the user can automatically resize and reposition test results for easier access and readability.

The Teledyne LeCroy MAUI Advanced User Interface is found in select Teledyne LeCroy products available from Mouser Electronics, including the Teledyne LeCroy WaveSurfer 3000. All MAUI-enabled products take the capability and key functionality of an oscilloscope and place them on a user-friendly touchscreen with the important controls just one touch away. Users can drag, position and zoom for more details, as well as position cursors, configure measurements and interact with tables by taking advantage of MAUI’s simple one-touch operation.

The cornerstone of the MAUI interface is based on its simplicity. There are many time-saving shortcuts and dialogs that make setup and implementation highly intuitive and user-friendly. Basic waveform viewing and measurement tools, as well as advanced math and analysis capabilities, are seamlessly integrated in its single-user interface. Simply touching a waveform on the screen brings up shortcuts and analysis tools. MAUI allows fast access to key functionality such as channel, timebase and trigger descriptions without navigating through cumbersome menus. Shortcuts to commonly used functions are displayed at the bottom of the channel for immediate access.

Apart from its simple, user-friendly interface, the Teledyne LeCroy MAUI is ultimately designed to measure all aspects of a waveform, so a user can identify problems and take corrective action immediately. Serving as a window into powerful measurement and analysis functionality, the MAUI interface allows users to debug with a large set of time saving tools to quickly find and solve the root cause of problems.

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