Compact Tapered Roller Bearing Unit for high rail freight loads

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SKF is launching a new CTBU for railway operators that enables increased weight to be carried in freight cars designed for heavy hauls. The CTBU has an axle load rated to 45 metric tons, which means that operators can increase profitability by hauling more product with the same length/configuration train.

This CTBU from SKF is the only heavy haul bearing rated to 45 ton operational axle load on the market. This represents a transportation capacity increase from existing 35.5 ton axle load to 45 tons, allowing customers to increase transported weight of product in existing or new wagon fleets. The new product was developed as a direct result of customer requests and meets the needs of railway operators who are trending towards carrying heavier loads worldwide.

Damage to rolling stock and infrastructure, plus delays to shipment represent the biggest costs for rail operators but the improved bearing life of the new class CTBU means less bearing fatigue. The result is freight cars with longer maintenance intervals and higher performance.

Milan Soukup, Railway Business Development Manager, SKF explains: “The SKF CTBU is equipped with a polyamide cage and has several features unique to SKF, like the polymer spacer, which avoids fretting corrosion in contact zone between the inner ring and backing ring. The unit is sealed with a specially designed low-friction contact seal, which rides on the inner ring shoulder. The calculated ‘Rating Life’ is up to 2 times greater than SKF Class G CTBU in the same conditions.”

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