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Square profile linear guide with adjustable clearance from igusigus is promoting its Q10 series square guide with the introduction of the drylin Q20. This size, with a 20mm profile, is suitable for self-supporting and high load applications. The guide’s rigid square profile ensures resistance against twisting, while supporting torque of up to 10Nm in all directions. The bearing clearance can be adjusted manually, allowing the running accuracy to be increased or decreased, depending on the application.

The hollow profile of the drylin Q20 provides convenient space for services such as compressed air, cables and fluids, and is suitable for use in confined spaces for example in laboratory equipment, packaging machinery, machine guarding and conveyor systems. Due to the space saving and self-lubricating properties, the drylin Q20 is also suitable for use in the medical and food & drinks industries.

Rob Dumayne, director, igus, explains: “Previously, to achieve a linear guide system that is self-supporting and resistant to twisting, we used two parallel circular profile shafts or a classic monorail guide that was often mounted to a support structure, rather than self-supporting. The drylin Q20 closes this gap for higher loads and is available as a complete system.”

In addition to the adjustable guide carriage, the modular system consists of hard anodised aluminium square profile shafts, available in lengths of up to 4m. In addition, the drylin Q20 guide carriage can be combined with all 20/20 aluminium profile construction systems, commonly used in machine building. The carriage itself offers multiple options for attaching via the use of slots and slot nuts.

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