Configurable safety controller is compact and expandable

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Configurable safety controller is compact and expandableWieland Electric's samos PRO COMPACT configurable safety controller features up to 20 safe inputs and 8 safe outputs as standard. With four configurable safe inputs/outputs to achieve these maximum figures, the samos PRO COMPACT is extremely versatile for many safety-related control system applications. Furthermore, the system can be extended by means of additional input/output modules to give a total of 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs. This means the samos PRO COMPACT is suitable for small, medium and larger machines, depending on the application requirements. With its fast 8ms response time, the safety controller also has the advantage that, for example, safety light curtains can be positioned closer to the hazard than is the case of other controllers that typically have a response time of 30ms. This can save valuable floor space and improve the process ergonomics.

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Wieland is offering readers of the opportunity to purchase a samosPRO COMPACT Introductory Starter Set for just £299 – which is a saving of over £370 on the list price of £670! The starter Pack includes:

  • SamosPRO COMPACT module with Ethernet interface
  • SD Memory card
  • USB Cable
  • Ethernet cable
  • Free software download

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Built-in networking

Wieland's samos PRO COMPACT is supplied complete with industrial Ethernet protocols, and various optional fieldbus gateway modules are available if required. Machine builders and system integrators can therefore connect the samos PRO COMPACT to any industrial Ethernet fieldbus protocol, as well as Modbus communication networks. This results in enhanced networking with a reduction in cost and space requirements.

Easy remote monitoring and diagnostics

Wieland Electric claims that the samos PRO COMPACT benefits from the most comprehensive diagnostic capabilities on the market, which could be a significant benefit to machine builders and system integrators shipping machines globally and/or offering long-term support services beyond the usual warranty period.

For local diagnostics at the control cabinet, each I/O channel has multi-coloured LEDs to indicate status, and a further set of multi-coloured LEDs on each base module flash to indicate fault codes. The colours and flashing frequencies can be readily translated into useful diagnostic data. Integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces provide for easy access to the system, so users benefit from greater transparency both during the project planning phase and once the machine is in operation.

Customers can also connect an HMI (via the built-in Modbus port, for example) so diagnostic data can be displayed locally on the machine. If the HMI also holds a PDF copy of the samos PRO COMPACT manual, an operator can interpret the fault codes and, in many case, rectify the fault without having to call a maintenance engineer, which also results in a valuable improvement in machine uptime. Wieland cites one case in which callouts have been reduced by 80 per cent.

Similarly, diagnostic data can be viewed from almost anywhere in the world via an Ethernet/internet connection. And because of the highly detailed nature of the diagnostics, an engineer can often diagnose faults and provide information and advice that will enable the fault to be rectified without the time and expense associated with a site visit. Diagnostic data available includes: message; message ID; timestamp; description; source; local time (eg time since the samos PRO COMPACT was first started).

Harsh operating conditions

samos PRO COMPACT safety controllers are designed to deliver reliable performance even in harsh operating conditions. An exceptionally wide ambient temperature range, from -25C to +65degC, ensures reliable operation in industrial applications, including those in refrigerated areas, those outdoors or on mobile machinery, and those where occasional extremes of temperature may be encountered, such as those near external doors or high-temperature plant. As well as handling the temperature extremes, the samos PRO COMPACT has also been designed to cope with thermal shocks. Furthermore, the figures Wieland quotes for MTTFd are at the worst-case conditions so users need not worry about whether their ‘real world’ application operating conditions will influence the MTTFd or their safety integrity calculations. Wieland says that its aim is for the samos PRO COMPACT to be the most reliable modular configurable safety controller on the market.

High switching capacity

An unusual feature of the samos PRO COMPACT, and one that offers significant benefits, is the 4A wear-free switching capacity of each output, which Wieland Electric says is the highest switching capacity currently available for this type of safety controller. The high switching capacity means components such as valves and contactors can be switched directly, with no need for intermediate relays. Not only can this save the cost of purchasing costly safety relays and safety-rated valves, contactors and similar devices, but it also saves valuable cabinet space.

User-friendly configuration software

Wieland has developed the samos PRO COMPACT to be fully compatible with its easy-to-use samos PLAN 5+ programming tool. Through its graphical user interface, samos PLAN 5+ enables quick and easy configuration and parameterisation of inputs and outputs as required, with no requirement for specialist knowledge of PLC programming languages.

A comprehensive free library of 300 function blocks, all certified and tried-and-tested, makes it easier to realise all safety functions. In addition, user-specific function blocks can be created if desired. Any user-specific sensor and function blocks can be defined and managed in libraries as needed.

Users have total freedom to utilise all of inputs and outputs, and up to 300 function blocks, in every project. This means that the samos PRO COMPACT, in conjunction with the samos PLAN 5+ programming tool, can be used to solve complex safety-related control tasks. As requirements evolve on new or enhanced machines, the samos PRO COMPACT control system can be expanded by means of additional I/O modules and appropriate enhancements to the software-configured program.

According to Wieland, no other comparable system offers greater flexibility and multi-functionality. When using the PLAN 5+ configuration software the working space is unlimited, so users are not forced to continue the configuration on further sheets and, subsequently, have to page back and forth to work on different parts of the configuration. Of course, if users wish to do so they have the option of dividing their configuration so that, for example, different safety zones on the machine are configured on different pages. Another user-friendly feature of the PLAN 5+ tool is the way in which the contents of the right-hand pane are context sensitive. For instance, clicking on any function block in the configuration will cause settings and other information to be displayed in the right-hand pane. Again, this saves the user from having to page back and forth to see the information they need.

Wieland believes that the 300 function blocks included with PLAN 5+ is considerably more than is offered with comparable modular configurable safety-related control systems. Furthermore, many of the function blocks can have the inputs and/or outputs inverted, which effectively increases the number of standard function blocks beyond 300.

Programming capacity is increased through a number of features within PLAN 5+, one of which is the way function block inputs and/or outputs can be inverted without having to insert additional function blocks to perform the inversions. Another is the fact that multiple connections can be made without having to insert routing function blocks.

Wieland has included some unusual and extremely useful function blocks with PLAN 5+, an example of which is the residual memory function block that can store counter levels even after power has been removed, or it can store status or diagnostic data after a power loss – which can be helpful for accident investigations.

Users can create their own function blocks by combining standard function blocks and/or logic functions; these proprietary function blocks can be password-protected to safeguard the machine builder’s intellectual property. As well as this and the facility for password-protecting the configuration, users can hide the entire configuration to protect their intellectual property.

samos PLAN 5+ features an open interface and is compatible with Windows operating systems including Windows 8.

Program storage

Each samos PRO COMPACT features an exchangeable SP-COP-CARD in SD card format with 512MB of memory space for application programs. This easily accessible feature saves considerable time during commissioning and servicing, as pre-programmed functions are easily restored, the card can be transferred to another unit, and configuration of multiple identical machines is greatly simplified.

Automated documentation

An integral documentation function generates a customised report of the project at the press of the button, thereby helping to quickly produce essential machine documentation in compliance with regulations.

Process simulation

Incorporated with the samos PRO COMPACT is a simulation function with integrated logic analyser. This enables program safety functions to be checked on a PC (without the need for hardware to be present), which helps to identify any potential problems. It also makes verification and validation of the safety-related control system easier.

Another useful feature of the samos PRO COMPACT and samos PLAN 5+ software is that when the engineer's computer is connected to the base unit, the 'force' function can be engaged to force outputs on the actual machine to a chosen state, which saves time on commissioning and raises overall functional security.

Preferred connections

All of the samos PRO COMPACT modules can be specified with either removable screw or push-in terminal blocks, so users can choose their preferred connection technology.

Summary of key features and benefits:

  • Compact design: 45mm housing width
  • Fully networked on key fieldbus systems
  • Modular expandability for I/O and communications
  • Extended operating temperature range of -25 to +65degC
  • Comprehensive library of reliable, certified function blocks
  • Configurable project documentation at the press of a button
  • Free user-friendly configuration software
  • Integrated simulation and logic analysis of safety functions
  • Convenient integration within fieldbus and Ethernet networks
  • Online diagnostics and remote maintenance for greater transparency
  • High switching capacity of up to 4A per output

Compared with the samos PRO, the new samos PRO COMPACT requires less cabinet space and costs less on a like-for-like basis. Follow the link for more information about the samos PRO COMPACT configurable safety controller and contact Wieland Electric to discuss specific projects.

Special offer

Wieland is offering readers of the opportunity to purchase a samosPRO COMPACT Introductory Starter Set for just £299 – which is a saving of over £370 on the list price of £670! The starter Pack includes a SamosPRO COMPACT module with Ethernet interface, SD Memory card, USB and Ethernet cables and a free software download. For more details please contact the sales desk at and remember to state that you are a reader of

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