Parker introduces double redundant safety exhaust valves

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Parker introduces double redundant safety exhaust valvesParker Hannifin is introducing the P33T – CAT 4 redundant safety exhaust valves to the Global FRL series. This critical component used in conjunction with a safety relay or safety PLC for pneumatic circuits, offers Category 4 Performance Level e (PLe) in accordance with the latest Machinery Directive harmonised standard EN ISO 13849-1.

Functionally the device’s memory constantly monitors air flow control via two identical integrated valve elements. Valve lock-out is activated if asynchronous movement between the valve elements is detected during actuation or de-actuation, resulting in a residual outlet pressure of less than 1 per cent of supply. As an additional safety feature, reset can only be accomplished by energising the integrated electrical lock out solenoid – meaning it cannot be reset by simply removing and re-applying supply pressure.

Based on proven, control-reliable technology, the IP65 rated P33T 3/2 normally closed valve offers integrated soft start functionality. As a result, air can be introduced in a controlled manner to the system when energised, thus allowing users to adjust for slower or faster build-up of system pressure. Importantly, the valve allows the rapid exhaust of downstream air when de-energised to remove stored energy and allow safe access.

Additional standard features of the P33T – CAT 4 Valve include LED status indicators of main and reset solenoid operation. Connection via a standard M12 (5-pin) socket provides control signal and feedback. An optional transducer for monitoring downstream system pressure is available.

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