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Harmonic Drive is combining high precision, compact design and reliability to create the new range of HPGP planetary gears. Unlike conventional planetary gears, the new series offers consistent high precision over its whole life even when operating at high speed or with low gear ratios.

It is this quality that gives rise to the name: Permanent Precision. This level of accuracy is achieved by using a flexible hollow gear at the final stage, reducing gear backlash to less than one minute of arc without using any backlash adjustment mechanism. As a result a machine can run for years, with the same accuracy and precision that it had on day one. The HPGP Permanent Precision range is suited to many industries including broadcast, machine tools, packaging machines, printing and medical equipment.

The compact cross-roller bearing provides high tilt resistance and excellent rotational characteristics at the output flange and delivers 33 per cent more torque than the existing series. The HPGP planetary gears are available in six sizes (11-65), with gear ratios from 4 to 45 and can transmit repeatable peak torques between 10 and 2920Nm. The Permanent Precision’s planetary gears come in three versions, with output flange, smooth output shaft or keyed output shaft.

Graham Mackrell, managing director of Harmonic Drive UK explains: “Our tilt-resistant output bearing means you can apply high loads without any further support, for simple, space-saving construction.

“When we developed the new HPGP range, we focussed our efforts on creating a simple structural design, without compromising on quality. Standard servo motors can be simply coupled to our planetary gears and together form a compact and lightweight system. The precision output bearing with high tilting rigidity ensures it is capable of withstanding high payloads, so stable machine characteristics and short cycle times are guaranteed.”

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