magsnap magnetic adapter keeps energy chains on track

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magsnap magnetic adapter keeps energy chains on trackigus is introducing magsnap magnetic adapters that hold a plastic energy chain run onto a metallic surface, preventing it from swinging back and forth or moving out of its axis of motion. Eliminating the need for installing a complete guide trough system, magsnap is a cost-effective and lightweight alternative that also reduces assembly time by easily clipping onto the crossbars of existing energy chains. Typical applications include materials handling and cranes with hanging energy chains.

Justin Leonard, a director at igus, explains: "Many of the innovative products from igus are driven by collaborations with customers for specific projects and magsnap is an example of just that. It can be retrofitted onto existing systems or as a new installation option for hanging or rotary applications." For standard fill weights, just two magnetic adapters are needed on every fifth crossbar; for heavier fill weights more clips can be used. In order to prevent unwanted noise, dampening elements are moulded within each magsnap clip.

In addition to materials handling and crane applications, the new magsnap can be used in various hanging applications, ranging from elevators to fully automatic parking garages. The magsnap is also suitable for rotary applications, where the chain moves within an enclosure; this is also known as an RBR or Reverse Bend Radius application. Here, the magnetic clips ensure that the chain is held onto the enclosure on the outer radius, ensuring smooth running of the energy chain in a simpler guide structure.

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