CUI Novum Intermediate Bus DC-DC converters now at Mouser

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Mouser Electronics Inc. is now stocking the Novum Intermediate Bus NEB and NQB DC-DC Converters from CUI Inc. These digital point-of-load (POL) modules are pin and function compatible with Architects of Modern Power (AMP Group) product standards, and have an optional PMBus 1.2-compliant advanced digital interface for configuring the modules’ power management features including output voltage, voltage margining, fault management, precision delay ramp-up and start/stop. These modules will be featured and demonstrated at Mouser’s Booth #316 at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) 2015 March 15-19.

The CUI Novum Intermediate Bus NEB and NQB DC-DC Converters are offered in two input range configurations; 40 to 60V DC input for datacom applications, and 36 to 75V DC for telecom applications. The NQB series is housed in a quarter brick package and is available in 420Watt to 468Watt configurations. The NEB series is housed in an eighth brick package and is available in 264Watt to 300Watt configurations. Both series provide power efficiencies as high as 96.4 per cent, and optimised efficiency from 20 to 100 per cent.

These fully regulated DC-DC converters are managed by a 32-bit ARM microcontroller with energy-optimising firmware that insures peak performance across a wide range of power loads. The ARM firmware can detect and handle input voltage transients with slew-rates as fast as 0.5V/us while keeping the output voltage within +/-10 per cent. This prevents unwanted transients from triggering the module’s over-voltage protection.

The output voltages for both the NEB and NQB series are initially set at 12V DC, and can be changed through the PMBus interface. The NEB series can be configured for output voltages from 6.9 to 13.2V DC, and 4.0 to 13.2V DC for the NQB series. For higher power requirements, an optional Droop Load Sharing supports connecting these Novum modules in parallel. The NEB and NQB series of devices target advanced power electronics systems where loading conditions can vary greatly, including next-generation telecom and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment.

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