New generation of SKF sensor bearings for reliable motor control

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New generation of SKF sensor bearings for reliable motor controlSKF has developed a new generation of Motor Encoder Unit able to deliver accurate signals to the controller, even in a harsh electromagnetic environment of an AC induction motor. This signal enables reliable motor control by monitoring of speed and direction of the shaft. As a result, the end user enjoys a longer sensor bearing service life, greater reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

This new sensor bearing includes a Faraday Cage effect that provides the physical shield from external magnetic fields, together with an embedded Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filter to protect from power surges and electrostatic discharge.

SKF Product Development Program Manager, Francois Niarfeix, comments: “This new generation of SKF Motor Encoder Unit is answering the upcoming market demands. By putting all SKF competences together, we achieved our goal to offer a reliable sensor bearing that can fit different environments. The result of this is a cost-effective and long-lasting product for our customers.”

Built as a compact design, this new generation Motor Encoder Unit is easy to mount, fully interchangeable with the previous generation of models and in line with industry standards. Go to for further details.

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