New system for length setting of tools on CNC machining centres

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New system for length setting of tools on CNC machining centresRenishaw is launching the Primo LTS (length tool setter) at CIMT, Beijing, China. The Primo LTS is a single-axis tool setter which allows users to set tool length, check for breakage, and compensate for thermal growth on a CNC machining centre. The Primo LTS eliminates the need for time-consuming, error-prone manual tool length setting which can lead to scrap, rework, and reduced productivity and profit levels.

Automated on-machine tool length setting with Primo LTS is up to 10 times faster than manual methods, resulting in immediate and significant cost savings. It is suitable for use on small to large CNC machining centres and helps guarantee ‘right first time’ parts, reducing waste and increasing profits.

During a machining process, dimensional accuracy is dependent on a number of variables, including tool length and tool breakage. The Primo LTS monitors these variables automatically, enabling users to compensate for variations which may occur and benefitting the overall machining process.

The Primo LTS is a hard-wired product featuring a fully integrated interface for straightforward electrical connection: the hardware can be bolted onto the machine table and is immediately operational, with no additional set-up required. The Primo LTS is designed to operate in the harshest of machining environments, so it is resistant to swarf or coolant ingress and prevents false triggers caused by shocks or vibration. An integrated air blast provides effective swarf removal when necessary.

Easy to install and use, Primo LTS provides an accessible product for increasing the productivity and profitability of a machine tool. For further information on Primo LTS visit

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