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Freescale S12ZVC MagniV Mixed-Signal MCU from MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the new S12ZVC MagniV Mixed-Signal Microcontroller from Freescale Semiconductor. The Freescale S12ZVC 16-bit microcontroller is based on a 32MHz S12Z core and has 192KBytes of Flash memory, 12KBytes of RAM, 2KBytes of EPROM, integrates CAN Physical Layer, a 12-bit analog to digital converter (ADC), 8-bit DAC, and more. The S12ZVC supports a number of automotive and industrial communications protocols, including SENT, MSCAN, and LIN.

The new Freescale S12ZVC MagniV Mixed-Signal Microcontroller is a highly integrated mixed-signal microcontroller that includes a 12V voltage regulator, analogue peripherals, and automotive/industrial serial protocols on a single chip. The S12ZVC is based on a high performance 16-bit core that includes a 32-bit ALU and a 24-bit address space. Integrated CAN physical layer with high immunity to EMI and 8kV ESD resistance provides reliable operation in harsh environments. Sixteen channels of 12-bit ADC and a single 8-bit 5V digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) provide analogue signal capture and generation. Four pins support 25mA sink and one pin supports 20mA source currents for driving high current loads. The S12ZVC is capable of operating at high ambient temperature of up to 150degC, making it suitable for space-constrained and high-temperature applications.

Freescale’s S12ZVC supports a number of automotive and industrial communications interfaces. The robust SAE J2716 SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) serial data protocol is for communicating with sensors in harsh environments. The MSCAN serial interface is based on the CAN 2.0B protocol and uses an advanced buffer arrangement system that results in predictable real-time behaviour, making the protocol suitable for automotive, industrial, and general embedded applications. Two SCI interfaces support the LIN serial protocol.

Target applications for the Freescale S12ZVC include automotive applications, CAN-based sensors, HVAC controllers, lighting control, and industrial applications.

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