Lumileds LUXEON 5258 LEDs for directional lighting applications

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Lumileds LUXEON 5258 LEDs for directional lighting applicationsMouser Electronics is now stocking the LUXEON 5258 LEDs from Lumileds. Engineered to serve as a single 4.8mm optical light source, the LUXEON 5258 is a multi-die package LED that provides precise beam control and high luminance from a single package. These LEDs use a 5258 surface mount package, and are available in 24V and 96V options for a variety of directional LED lighting applications.

The Lumileds LUXEON 5258 LEDs feature a single 4.8mm optical light emitting surface (LES) that provides high flux and high efficacy, improving the quality of light while avoiding the showerhead effect common with distributed, multi-die approaches. The devices are offered in two voltage versions of either 24V or 96V, and are available in warm white colour temperature ranges of 2700K and 3000K. The colour rendering index (CRI) of the LUXEON 5258 is rated at 80, and the devices offer hot-colour targeting to ensure that the LEDs are within colour target at ANSI application conditions of 85degC. All the LUXEON 5258 devices are also binned with either a single 3-step or 5-step MacAdam ellipse to ensure colour uniformity, and are compatible with low-cost and high-efficiency drivers.

Lumileds LUXEON 5258 LEDs offer some of the best efficacy and flux metrics in the market today, providing superior reliability and droop curve over other competing products. The LUXEON 5258 24V LEDs provide a luminous flux of 500 lumens (typical) at an efficacy of up to 125 lm/W, while the 96V LEDs provide 458 lumens (typical) at an efficacy of up to 118 lm/W. The multi-die emitter on the LUXEON 5258 devices enables cost-effective designs for PAR 16, PAR 20, MR16 and GU10 lamps.

The LUXEON 5258 LEDs from Lumileds are now available through Mouser Electronics in a 5.2mm × 5.8mm surface mount package, and are targeted toward a broad array of general purpose lighting and directional lighting applications including retrofit lamps, spotlights and luminaires. To learn more, visit

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