SKF offers new sensor for lubricant reservoirs

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SKF offers new sensor for lubricant reservoirsSKF is introducing the SKF ultrasonic sensor to improve fill-level monitoring on SKF and Lincoln branded pumps and reservoirs with lubricant capacities in excess of 5 litres (1.321 US gal). Developed for oil and grease applications, the sensor provides both low-level and full-level messages for optimum operation.

Virtually maintenance free, the SKF Ultrasonic sensor utilises ultrasonic waves to provide a non-contact measurement of the distance to the lubricant surface. Depending on preset window limits, a distance proportional analogue signal is output. The sensor’s two-colour LED indicates operation and the status of the analogue output.

Maintaining the appropriate amount of lubricant in the reservoir helps to avoid under-lubrication and possible equipment damage, while preventing overfilling reduces waste and protects the environment. The SKF Ultrasonic sensor also improves the reliability of monitoring the pump function. The new sensor is suitable for mining, rail, heavy industry and food and beverage applications, as well as any industry that uses large lubricant reservoirs.

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