Miniature, chemically inert stepper dispense pump

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Miniature, chemically inert stepper dispense pumpA miniature, chemically inert Stepper Dispense Pump which is designed to deliver variable micro-litre volumes in the 50ul to 250ul range with a consistent performance yet in the most compact package, has been introduced by Lee Products.

The LPD Series pump has been developed to offer greater design flexibility and significant cost savings to the medical and scientific industries as a result of its maintenance-free design. It can be located wherever fluidic requirements dictate, regardless of maintenance accessibility.

Lee Products’ pump is offered in both standard and high performance models, with the latter incorporating a home sensor, encoder and backlash compensation for more demanding applications and provides a CV of ≤0.01 per cent at total volume. The standard performance model is available with a home sensor for most other applications. Discharge pressures are 60 psi maximum.

The LPD Series pump can be customised to meet specific application requirements of OEM applications and offers a long-life performance of 2 million cycles for the standard model and 5 million cycles for the high performance option. Further details are available from

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