Silicon Labs’ Si70xx relative humidity and temperature sensors

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Silicon Labs’ Si70xx relative humidity and temperature sensorsMouser Electronics is now stocking the Si70xx Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors from Silicon Labs. Combining fully factory-calibrated humidity- and temperature-sensing elements and a patented analog front-end circuit design, the Si70xx family of low-power sensors uses proven techniques for measuring relative humidity (RH) and temperature. All the sensors within the Si70xx family comprise highly integrated components including high-precision sensor elements, an I2C or PWM output, on-chip signal conditioning, and a high-resolution analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).

The Silicon Labs Si70xx Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors include I2C and PWM models. The Si7006/13/20/21 series sensors are I2C RH and temperature sensors, and the Si7007/22/23 series sensors are PWM RH and temperature sensors. Both series are available in a 3mm × 3mm DFN package and provide high accuracy levels while consuming low power across a wide 1.9V to 3.6V operating voltage range. An optional low-profile, factory-installed filter/cover helps protect against contamination during reflow and operation.

Silicon Labs’ Si7005 and Si7015 are digital relative humidity and temperature sensors that integrate humidity and temperature sensor elements, an ADC, signal processing, calibration data, and an I2C host interface. The two devices are offered in a 4mm × 4mm QFN package, are reflow solderable, and are pin-to-pin compatible. The Si7050/3/4/5 series of I2C digital temperature sensors provide high accuracy while consuming very little current. Features include high accuracy across the wide operating temperature range of –40degC to +125degC and wide voltage range of 1.9V to 3.6V, along with an ADC with up to 14-bits of resolution. The Si7050/3/4/5 series of sensors are available in a 3mm × 3mm DFN package, and are well suited to applications that require only temperature measurements.

Silicon Labs’ Si70xx Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors are now available for purchase through the Mouser website, and are useful sensors for measuring humidity, dew point, and/or temperature. The sensors are supported by tools in the Silicon Labs Unified Development Platform, which includes development kits for demonstrating, evaluating, and coding. Meeting the need of many sensor applications, the Si70xx sensors suit a variety of applications, including instrumentation, micro-environments/data centers, industrial controls, thermostats/humidistats, HVAC/R, medical devices, and automotive climate control.

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