Harting's Ha-VIS Middleware gains European certification

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Harting's Ha-VIS Middleware gains European certificationHarting’s Ha-VIS Middleware, which provides easy and flexible integration of UHF RFID readers into plant-wide projects, has become the first system of its type to successfully fulfil the official certification process of the GS1(R) EPCglobal(R) standard. As a result, the Harting Ha-VIS Middleware is the only European product on the market which allows UHF RFID identification to be implemented into projects in a transparent, future-proof and reliably tested way.

The Harting Ha-VIS Middleware is based on the open standard ALE 1.1 of the GS1(R) EPCglobal(R). This standard defines a number of useful functionalities including read/write operations, filtering and triggers. In addition, it clearly specifies how external software interacts with these functionalities. The standard guaranties a reliable, durable, well-documented and testable system which is maintained and developed by the GS1(R) EPCglobal(R) organisation.

Harting’s Ha-VIS Middleware meets ALE 1.1 and fully conforms to the current standard. Compared to the earlier ALE 1.0 standard, ALE 1.1 defines more useful functionalities, especially relating to how data is written into transponders. This conformity has now also been certified by GS1(R) EPCglobal(R).

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