Robust, lightweight PEEK safety screens

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Robust, lightweight PEEK safety screensProtecting sensitive components in critical fluids-handling applications such as those occurring in the medical, scientific and aerospace industries is essential for safety and optimum performance. While critical components are often relatively immune to low levels of small-size contaminants, a single large particle can cause blockages, resulting in system failure and down-time. Lee Products offers a complete range of flange mount, HI-BAR Safety Screens which now includes options made entirely from PEEK (Poly-EtherEtherKetone).

This high-performance engineering thermoplastic provides excellent chemical resistance and superior mechanical properties which results in a very lightweight, yet robust, single piece construction safety screen. Nominal weights range from 0.01g for the smaller FSHF1304 130 flange mount screen and 2.4g for the largest FSHF6700 670 flange mount option. This compares with approximately 1/6th of the weight of similar screens constructed from stainless steel.

They can withstand pressure differentials up to 1000 psid without rupture. In addition to being chemically inert these screens feature an easily flushable, non-depth style filter design which is suitable for many applications in the medical industry. With PEEK’s ability to maintain its superior strength and dimensional stability at higher temperatures, these screens will also be suitable for the demanding requirements and hostile environments found in aerospace, marine and oil industry applications.

The screens are available in six different flange sizes ranging from 3.302mm to 17.018mm in diameter and seven different hole sizes ranging from 75microns to 500microns. Custom designs are also available for more specific application requirements.

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