guidelok slimline P: lightweight vertical energy chain system

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guidelok slimline P: lightweight vertical energy chain systemigus has developed its guidelok slimline system further with the introduction of the GLSL-P, guidelok slimline P. Made entirely of plastic, this vertical energy chain system is characterised by its low weight and ease of installation, allowing machine builders and system integrators to achieve faster speeds and higher accelerations than ever before.

Typical applications for the guidelok slimeline P include those found on storage-and-retrieval units in high-bay warehouses, as well as elevators and material-handling equipment. In such applications, the energy chain would normally need to be guided in an enclosed trough system to ensure that it does not swing and cause damage to the cables or the chain itself.

The guidelok slimeline P dispenses with enclosed metal channel troughs or any other special enclosures, which are often used to prevent the energy chain from swinging, protecting the cables and the chain itself. Instead, the energy chain travels freely and safely between the easy-to-install plastic brackets mounted at 2m intervals, reducing costs by up to 80 per cent.

Justin Leonard, director, igus, says: “The fibreglass guide rail can be fitted with the plastic mounting brackets without using tools. As well as speeding up installation time and reducing costs, these plug-in brackets self-adjust to compensate for movement within the system, ensuring a quiet, smooth run.”

The guidelok slimeline P features two large spring-loaded locks that are pushed back as the radius of the energy chain passes between them, moving back into position where they grip the hanging length securely in place. This not only provides operational security, but also reduces noise due to the smooth, controlled motion.

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