Cree XLamp XHP35 high-density, high-intensity LEDs from Mouser

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Cree XLamp XHP35 high-density, high-intensity LEDs from MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the XLamp XHP35 LEDs from Cree. The XHP35 series brings the performance of Cree’s Extreme High Power LEDs to their 3.45mm × 3.45mm XP footprint to deliver high-performing XP LEDs.

The Cree XLamp XHP35 LEDs boast breakthrough 12V monolithic power dies that are enabled by the SC5 Technology Platform. They allow the use of readily available, cost-optimised drivers to unleash the capabilities of Cree’s high power LEDs. The XHP35s deliver 30 per cent higher performance than the XP-L LED and are application optimised to enable new designs.

Cree’s XHP35 High-Density LEDs deliver up to 550 lumens and are characterised and binned at 85degC. The high-density LEDs are available in ANSI white colour temperatures from 3000K to 5700K, and offer standard Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 70 or 80. The XHP35 High-Intensity LED is optimised to deliver maximum candela through secondary optics. It delivers 475 lumens, an ANSI white colour temperature of 5000K, and 70 CRI. These XHP35 LEDs enable manufacturers to address a wide range of lighting applications, including directional lighting, low- and high-bay fittings, and roadway and parking illumination.

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