High-resolution lenses offer improved image quality

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High-resolution lenses offer improved image qualityStemmer Imaging is adding further options to its range of high-resolution lenses for machine vision with 9, 10 and 12 Megapixel lenses from Ricoh, Kowa and Tamron.

The resolution of machine vision cameras is steadily increasing, so there is also a growing need for high-resolution lenses in order to be able to take full advantage from these developments. Stemmer Imaging´s lens partners Ricoh, Kowa and Tamron have introduced new products that have been developed for high-resolution machine vision systems.

Ricoh’s FL-BC series is a family of compact lenses for 9 megapixel cameras with sensor size up to 1”-CCD and focal lengths from 25 up to 75mm. The apertures of the four models cover F1.8, F2.4 and F 2.8 and allow for minimum object distances between 100 and 250mm. With filter threads of M40.5 × 0.5, C-mount camera mounts and locking screws for aperture and focus, Ricoh’s FL-BC family is a compact and reliable option for applications using 9 megapixel cameras.

Japanese lens manufacturer Kowa has been a Stemmer Imaging partner for many years. With the JC10M series, Kowa now offers new 10 megapixel high-resolution lenses for machine vision that provide up to 200 lp/mm centre resolution and a low distortion to maximise the performance in high-end inspection systems. Incorporating Kowa’s wide-band coating and floating mechanism system, the JC10M lens series reduces chromatic aberration from close distance to infinity and maintains a high transmission from visible to NIR. The series’ short minimum object distance and the compact design with aspherical lenses allow for easy installation in compact machine vision systems. JC10M covers five models with focal lengths from 5 to 25mm.

Tamron has announced the new M111 series of 12 MP lenses. These 1.1” format lenses feature an image-sided focal length of 50.0mm, an F1.8 aperture, a minimum pixel size of 3.1 um and a minimum object distance of 400mm. The filter thread is M49 × 0.75. A C-mount with locking screws protects the lens from vibration faults. Further models of Tamron´s M111 series will be announced later in 2015.

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