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Xsens MTi 1-Series Dev Kit available from MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking the MTi 1-Series Development Kit from Xsens. This easy-to-use motion-tracking kit includes the MTi 1-series Development Board, a mounted MTi-3-8A7G6 module, USB cable, and extensive MT Software Suite with software development kit (SDK) for Windows and Linux. The MTi 1-series of motion trackers incorporate advanced sensor fusion and miniature MEMS technologies.

The Xsens MTi 1-Series Development Kit ships with a pre-mounted MTi-3-8A7G6 attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) module, which processes motion, magnetic field, roll/pitch, heading, and reference yaw. It includes a 3D accelerometer/gyroscope combo-sensor, a magnetometer, a high-accuracy crystal and a low-power microcontroller. The microcontroller coordinates the synchronization and timing of the various sensors, applies calibration models and output settings, and runs the XKF3 sensor fusion algorithm to achieve 9D sensor output.

Through a 24-pin header on the development board, the MTi-3-8A7G6 module interfaces with RS232, UART, I2C, and SPI for easy connectivity during prototyping. The full-featured MT Software Suite includes logging and visualisation options, intuitive configuration windows, and the ability to export data for use in other programs. The SDK also contains source code for communication and libraries for data processing. The module’s onboard processing reduces the load on the application processor to lower the overall power consumption of the end system, while consuming less than 45mW.

The MTi 1-Series Development Kit provides a development environment for many MEMS applications, including agriculture, robotics, handheld devices, navigation, and industrial projects.

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