LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs from Lumileds now at Mouser

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LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs from Lumileds now at MouserMouser Electronics is now stocking LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs from Lumileds. LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs are small ultraviolet (UV) LEDs built on FlipChip technology in a chip-scale package. These clear, 1.0mm2 LED packages feature a 5-sided emitter for wide viewing angles and high power density (W/cm2).

Lumileds LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs are available from 380nm, 390nm, and 400nm models with forward voltages of 3.2V, 3.1V, and 3.0V, respectively. A maximum drive current of 1A delivers superior lumens for reduced LED count, while the small footprint enables tight beam control and high packing density and eliminates wire bonds in the system. Designers can attach the LEDs by reflow with standard surface mount (SMT) equipment and processes, without requiring additional packaging. LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs are suitable for cost-sensitive applications that require high irradiance at high-current density. Designers can maximise wattage-to-cost by taking the advantage of lowest thermal resistance of a chip-scale package device. LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs can be packaged closely and can be driven at a higher current density, therefore requiring fewer emitters to achieve a higher lumen output at higher lumen densities.

LUXEON FlipChip UV LEDs from Lumileds and are targeted toward specialised industrial uses, including UV curing, medical applications, and specialty lighting. To learn more, visit

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