Scorpion Vision bring new PixeLINK models to the UK

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Following news from industrial camera manufacturers PixeLINK regarding the addition of two new 2.3 megapixel global shutter CMOS model cameras, Scorpion Vision have now announced that they will be bringing the two innovative cameras to the UK market. These cameras are a new addition to the PixeLINK USB 3.0 Vision Camera family and use Sony’s IMX174 and IMX249 CMOS sensors. The sensors are equipped with a global shutter, which enables the sensors to negate effects such as skew, wobble and smear which other CMOS sensors have been prone to.

Available in board level and enclosed camera options, both cameras are designed to work in machine vision, medical imaging, biometrics, and fluorescence microscopy applications. Paul Wilson of Scorpion Vision says: “We are thrilled to announce that, as the main distributors of PixeLINK technology in the UK, Scorpion Vision will now be selling the two new USB 3.0 cameras. After Sony’s decision to cease production of CCD sensors and the introduction of these two PixeLINK cameras, this is very indicative of where our industry is headed. These superior CMOS sensors will replace the older CCD technology.”

Along with negating the negative effects previous CMOS sensors were prone to, the cameras also offer a much higher resolution and faster frame rate than that available in traditional CCD sensors.

Scorpion Vision are the main UK distributors of the PixeLINK USB 3.0 Camera range, which can be purchased directly from the Scorpion Vision website at

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